Employees of the private sector, parastatals, and other government agencies not on civil service payroll. Repayment should be directly from the source.

Application Requirements Without Employer's MOU With NEEF
  • A Letter of Commitment from Employer to not change employee salary account within the loan period.
  • Employee’s contract to be stamped and authenticated by a Commissioner for Oaths (applicant to bear the cost)
  • Latest applicant’s payslip.
  • Applicant’s salary account 3-months Bank statement (to assess trend of salary deposits).

Thresh Holds

  • K500,000 to K30,000,000

Repayment Periods

  • 3 to 36 Months  
    NO Grace period is applicable 

Tariffs and Interests

    •  Processing fee: 5.0%
    • Insurance:1%
    • Interest: 4.5% pm 

Turn Around Time

  • 21 working days