The National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited has today held a loan recoveries review meeting for the Central West Region at Simama hotel in Lilongwe. This follows a series of Loan Recoveries review meetings in the South and Eastern regions.
In his remarks after a dynamic session with the Central West Recoveries Team, NEEF CEO, Mr. Humphrey Mdyetseni outlined three strategic outcomes aimed at enhancing loan recovery in the region, targeting perpetually non-compliant clients. “From this meeting, we have come up with these key expectations: to improve collections, ensure a portfolio free from decay and banish ghost clients”, Mdyetseni proclaimed.
Dedza branch has the highest collection rate in Central West Region with an impressive 80% collection rate. The National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited remains steadfast in disbursing loans to individuals across diverse categories in all the regions of the country.

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