NEEF in coordination with Mchinji District Council under the Forestry Department has managed to plant 2500 trees as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility in Mavwere village through a club called Tithandizane that is involved in tree conservation. The 2023 theme for the District Forestry season is “Restore degraded landscapes for livelihood security” The theme recognizes the importance of forests to the social and economic development of the country. NEEF team was led by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Humphrey Mdyetseni. Among those present were NEEF Board Members Mr. Soko and Mr. Kachiwaya, District Commissioner for Mchinji Mr. Movete, District Forestry Officer for Mchinji, Council Chair, and T/A Mavwere.

NEEF CEO Mr. Humprey Mdyetseni planting a tree

Speaking during an interview, the CEO of NEEF Mr. Humphrey Mdyetseni said “NEEF is a company that serves Malawians, and that is why it is important for it to take part in the afforestation activity in Mavwere village”.  NEEF seeks to empower Malawians economically by giving out loans for business startups and boosting business capital. “As a country, we can not only rely on agribusiness only for us to advance economically, but we should also venture into different business activities. NEEF is entrenching the entrepreneurial spirit in Malawians where they are taught how to do business and survive in the business environment” Mr. Mdyetseni added.

The District Forestry Officer Fortune Mwafulirwa praised the efforts that NEEF has shown towards restoring nature through the planting of trees in Mavwere village. She added that “It is the responsibility of the community to make sure that the trees are well-taken care of.”

Forestry Officer explains the process of planting trees

Speshia Fungulani the Council Chair who is the Councilor for Msitu ward expressed satisfaction with how NEEF has helped the community in restoring nature by planting 2500 trees. He further added, “This shows that NEEF is there to help in all dynamics of life, and the planting of trees is an investment from which the people in Mavwere village will benefit”.

Meanwhile, in 2023 NEEF has managed to do 2 Corporate Social Responsibility Activities in Mangochi and Mchinji respectively.



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