Farm input loans that the National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited (NEEF) is administering across the country will likely boost Malawi’s agriculture-based economy. This has been established through a monitoring program that is being conducted by NEEF’s Chief Executive Officer, Humphrey Mdyetseni.

Mdyetseni who has been to several districts in the Central region meeting clients that have received the agriculture loans says there are prospects of a good harvest by most clients that he has visited that got the loans.

MDYETSENI in green inspecting Kachingwe's crops

On Tuesday, he visited Leonard Kachingwe of Mgolazuka Village in Traditional Authority Kayembe in Dowa District who took a MK5 million farm inputs loan from NEEF.  He has so far cultivated over 40 hectares of Soya and prospects are that he will realise a harvest of over 1200 bags of 50kg.


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