Chief Executive Officer of National Economic Empowerment Fund Humphrey Mdyetseni has urged the Fund’s loan officers to create more jobs for people through loans.

Speaking during the preliminary assessment meeting with the loan officers held in Mchinji district on Monday at NEEF’s Mchinji office, Mdyetseni reminded the loan officers that NEEF aims to make sure that the funds disbursed can make a notable transformation in the lives of those accessing the loans but also it should create more jobs for other people.

“Let’s make sure to disburse loans under all eighteen loan products to Malawians. This will transform the lives of people and also create more jobs for them.

“Every loan officer has a responsibility to create 1000 jobs for others through loan disbursements and collections,” Mdyetseni said.

He added that NEEF provides diverse product portfolios to ensure that the Fund accommodates entrepreneurs from diverse sectors of the country’s socio-economic fabric. He further urged all loan officers to disburse loans at least to a minimum of nine products from all the eighteen loan products being offered by NEEF.

Mdyetseni flanked by NEEF Regional Manger for Central, Esmie Chisepeya

In the meantime, the CEO and the area supervisor for the Mchinji Branch, Amos Phiri agreed to use NEEF loans to increase employment creation.

He continued by saying that they will work eagerly to achieve and fulfill NEEF’s mission of enhancing public welfare and employment creation.

“We have a big obligation to create more jobs, and we are promising the public that we will do so.”

NEEF Area Supervisor for Mchinji Amos Phiri pledging support towards job creation

He then thanked Mdyetseni for visiting Mchinji Branch and giving them new impetus to work hard and realize NEEF’s objectives and ideals.

Mchinji district so far has disbursed MK 755. 8 million and has collected MK 615. 3 million representing a 65% recovery rate.

The preliminary evaluation serves as a warm-up for the December assessment when each department from every NEEF branch will provide its annual report on the amount of money that has been given out to clients and recovered.   

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