National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited (NEEF), led by Chief Executive Officer Humphrey Mdyetseni, Friday, conducted a meeting with the traditional leaders, the MPs, Councilors, and ADCs from the Zomba District council at Annie’s Lodge in Zomba City.

The aim of the meeting was to sensitize the leaders on the operations of NEEF and all its diversified products and to give an update on the performance of NEEF loans in the Zomba District.

According to Mdyetseni, Zomba has disbursed a total amount of MWK1.052 billion to 3, 040 clients, and the performance of the loans have been rated as excellent in Malawi with a 109.89% collections rate.

Mdyetseni: Zomba is performing well in repayments.

Changalume constituency is highest with 169% collection rate while Malosa constituency is the lowest with 76%. It is against this background that Mdyetseni further urged the leaders especially the VDCs, ADCs, and DDCs to work hand in hand with NEEF to safeguard the loans and to help in collections especially the old MEDF loans to ensure that the fund is sustainable.

Speaking on behalf of the members of parliament present, Honor Susuwere Banda, MP for Zomba Lisanjala, appreciated the initiative that NEEF has taken. He pledged full support to NEEF and the loan officers so that the Fund achieves its mission of empowering ordinary and underserved Malawi economically.

Hon. Poya, MP for Zomba Ntonya raising issues during the discussion.

Among the members of parliament that were presented at the interface meeting are Zomba Lisanjala MP, Dr. Susuwele Banda; Zomba Msondole MP, McNice Abu Naliwa; Zomba Thondwe MP, Roseby Gadama; Zomba Changalume MP, Bizwick Million; Zomba Ntonya MP, Nedson Poya and Zomba Malosa MP, Grace Kwelepeta.

A number of Traditional Chief attended the meeting and these are Senior Chief Malemia, Senior Chief Mlumbe, Senior Chief Chikowi, Senior Chief Mwambo, Sub-Traditional Authority Mbiza, Sub-Traditional Authority Idana, Sub-Traditional Authority Chimbalanga, Sub-Traditional Authority Kapito, and Sub-Traditional Authority Ntholowa.

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