The National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited (NEEF) is conducting orientation of interns that have been deployed to the Fund under the 2022 Government Internship Programme is under way in Dowa. The four-day orientation aims to impart knowledge in the interns on NEEF procedures and guidelines for them to discharge their duties and learn work-related skills.

Eighty-three of the interns that have come from the Ministry of Labour through the Government Internship programme will be at NEEF for one year while eleven that have come from Lilongwe University Of Agriculture And Natural Resources (LUANAR) that intend to do work placement before finishing their studies will do the internship for 6 months or so.

According to NEEF’s Chief Executive Officer Humphrey Mdyetseni, the Fund feels the obligation to contribute towards the development of on-the-job skills  by the fresh graduate as a way of developing their career. 

“The we had cohorts of inters coming to NEEF and some have performed exceptionally well and ended up scoring job interviews. It is encouraging to note that we have some staff that came as interns have been employed as permanent staff,” said Mdyetseni. 

The orientation was officially opened by NEEF’s board member Dr. Thabbie Chilongo who urged the discharge their duties with honesty and integrity.

He disclosed that NEEF is a highly regulated institution just like other financial institution as such customers need to be treated with fairness and courtesy.

“You must be servants of your clients but in control. Follow rules and laws and don’t appeasing customers in breaking the law.

Chilongo: NEEF is highly regulated.

“Your biggest motivation is service to the people. Consider yourself the lucky ones for this opportunity. Here you are all equal and treat your friends with dignity.

He further urged the interns develop perseverance necessary for the development of their careers. Dr. Chilongo observed that starting a career is not easy as such it requires dedication and commitment to work rules and policies.

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