We understand the general public’s concern, however the nation must look at the opportunity cost of buying the Yamaha DT 175 motorcycles. If well managed, the Yamaha DT 175 motorcycles can last 20 years, thereby saving the Fund a significant amount of money in the long run. NEEF currently has Yamaha DT 125 motorcycles that were bought in 2005 and are still running today.

Why does NEEF need the motorcycles?

As at 1st December 2021, the Fund has disbursed more than MWK 25 billion to clients spread across Malawi’s difficult terrain. Some of these difficult to reach areas include Chitipa Nthalire, Misuku, Thyolo Thava, Nsanje Chididi, Neno etc.

Currently, NEEF faces huge mobility challenges while this disbursement requires close monitoring to ensure that loans are recovered, which is why the fund has opted to purchase the Yamaha DT 175 motorcycles.

How was the procurement decision reached?

It was an open tender to ensure national competitive bidding.

  • All bids received were11.
  • The evaluation process involved Private Vehicle and Hire Service (PVHS) who are experts in the trade.
  • Preference was given to local suppliers as a way of adhering to Government’s MSME order.
  • The results were reviewed by the Solicitor General’s office, PPDA and Government Contracting Unit (GCU).

    It was a meritorious process that the nation can trust.

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