Mdyetseni briefing HRDC on progress made

In a quest to foster collaboration and tap input from other stakeholders on how to run the Government-owned Microfinance Fund, NEEF hosted the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) at its Head Office in Lilongwe on Wednesday.

According to NEEF’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Humphrey Mdyetseni, the meeting was crucial as HRDC remains a key stakeholder in the Country such that they needed to be updated on the progress that the Fund has made so far.

Among others, Mdyetseni presented to HRDC the reforms that have happened at NEEF, the sources of funding, loans disbursed so far, collections, and challenges.

HRDC Chairperson Gift Trapence commended NEEF for the engagement and advised the Fund to regard his organisation as a partner, not an enemy.

He further suggested that the Fund start releasing data on applications received and those processed so that the public should appreciate the demand for the loans against the resource envelope available.

Trapence also suggested that NEEF should start collating the data on the jobs created by the loans so that Malawians have a fair basis to judge the Tonse Government on the creation of 1 million jobs.

NEEF staff pose with HRDC after the interface

Responding to this, Mdyetseni assured HRDC that NEEF will take on board the constructive suggestions advanced by HRDC in their quest to ensure that the Fund truly benefits all Malawians.

He opened the window to HRDC should need be, to visit all the 3722 groups that have received the loans using the K9.2 billion disbursed from February 2021 to June 2021.

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