The National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited (NEEF) would like to notify the public that it resumed loan disbursement in the first week of February 2021. The commencement could be described as the first phase of the process of the 2020/ 2021 financial year. The disbursement programme is in two phases as follows:

Phase 1: Disbursement of Group Loans to Micro-Entrepreneurs

This phase involves the disbursement of loans to groups of Micro-Entrepreneurs. As of the third week of February, Nine Hundred and Seven (907) groups have been mobilised which comprise 634 groups of women, 238 groups of youths, and 35 mixed groups of men and women. The Fund is expected to use K1.5 billion for these groups. Meanwhile, the mobilisation of the groups continues for further disbursement since this phase will overlap with Phase two.

Ogwira ntchito ku NEEF pamodzi ndi magulu akudera la Makawa m'boma la Mangochi.

Phase 2: Recruitment of Clients for Individual Loan Products

The recruitment of clients to access other loan products that can be accessed by individuals is scheduled to be rolled out in early March. In this phase, NEEF will target individuals that have the interest to get the loans and the products in this category as follows:

  • Business Loans targeted at Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) and can be accessed by individuals as well as groups
  • Agricultural Loans meant to finance farm inputs like fertilizers and seeds and can be accessed by individuals as well as groups
  • Trade Finance Loans meant to finance short term contracts and orders and can be accessed by individuals only
  • Payroll Loans, a salaried loan to employees in Government ministries and departments, and in the private sector which can be accessed by individuals.

All individuals interested to benefit from these loans are advised to visit NEEF’s regional offices for appropriate guidance and support through the contact numbers provided below.

Third Parties

NEEF reiterates that it has not at present engaged any agents or third parties in the recruitment and training of loan beneficiaries. If time is ripe to engage agents Malawians will be informed accordingly. It is at this point that NEEF would like to appeal to all potential beneficiaries to refrain from entertaining such people masquerading as NEEF agents as these have arterial motives. The Fund will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by members of the public that ignore this important advice.

Mkulu wa NEEF Humphrey Mdyetseni akuwunika magulu achinyamata pa boma la Dowa

Recovery of MEDF Loans

In line with the aspirations of the new Government, MEDF was rebranded to NEEF, and having assumed functions of the defunct MEDF, NEEF is responsible for collection and recovery of ALL LOANS obtained under MEDF. Those who benefited from the loans under MEDF are advised to contact their nearest NEEF offices for the necessary repayment arrangements. NEEF loan officers have been deployed to track all borrowers and ensure that the loans are repaid. 

The general public is advised to NEVER repay the loans in cash to anyone. All monies should be deposited into the NEEF bank account that will be provided by the officer and ensure that you obtain a bank-certified deposit slip and submit the same as proof of deposit to NEEF offices for updating of your repayment.

NEEF would like to appreciate and encourage those that have started repaying the loans to continue doing so and also appeal to those that have not started to urgently start doing so that they do not suffer penalties as per the terms and conditions of the loans.

That said, the Fund would like to inform the Nation that the resurgence of Covid-19 has been a major setback in NEEF’s operations just like other businesses. Microfinancing involves interacting with the masses to raise product awareness, conduct financial literacy training on interested borrowers, among other activities. This really exposed NEEF’s staff to the pandemic such that some staff have had to go into isolation and this affected our workforce. And in conformity with the Government’s directive on the management of the Covid- 19 pandemic, the Fund has also downscaled its operations by sending staff to work from home to decongest the offices and this has resulted in gaps in our performance.

Ogwira ntchito ku NEEF akuphunzitsa magulu paboma la Rumphi.

Regional Managers’ Contacts

Southern Region: Regional Manager, Mr. Thomas Nthenda on 0881 906 696 and NEEF Branches in the area are: Blantyre Branch in Old Press Properties opposite in Namiwawa opposite Multi-Choice Malawi; Chikwawa Branch opposite Chikwawa Police next to FDH Bank; Luchenza Branch in Upstair Lodge Building; and Phalombe Branch at the Boma opposite Phalombe DHO offices.

Eastern Region: Acting Regional Manager, Mrs. Esmie Chisepeya Jambo on 0882 426 670 and the NEEF Branches in the regions are: Zomba Branch in FDH Bank Building; Liwonde Branch next to National Bank; Mangochi Branch at Old Water offices; and Ntcheu Branch opposite Small Holder Fertilizer Revolving Fund.

Central Region: Regional Manager, Mr. Wilson Namwera on 0881 820 992/ 01 754 124 and NEEF Branches in the area are: Lilongwe Branch behind Bridge View Hotel; Mchinji Branch next to PVHO; Mponela Branch in Super Sink Complex; Kasungu Branch next to Kasungu Community Hall; Salima Branch in Visco City Building along Sengabay Road; and Nkhotakota Branch in Yanu-Yanu Office Complex along the road to Nkhotakota Police.

Northern Region: Regional Manager, Mr. Felix Tembo on 01 311 567, 01 312 501, 0888 877 400 and NEEF Branches in the area are: Mzimba Branch at the DC’s offices; Mzuzu Branch in Old OIBM Building next to Kip Restaurant; Rumphi Branch in DC’s offices; Nkhatabay Branch in Fisheries Building; Karonga Branch near MBC Transmitter; and Chitipa Branch in DC’s offices.

For more information, call NEEF Head office on 09999 41 333/ 09999 38 333 or email


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