Micro-Housing Loan

Target Market Individuals either employed or engaged in micro or small enterprises from which repayments will come. Ages from 18 to 75 years. Purpose for the loan is to build, renovate or buy a dwelling house for the applicant.

Application Requirements

  • National ID
  • Identification letter from Village Head or local leader in an urban location
  • Proof of ownership of plot
  • Sketch Map to residence
  • Sketch map to place of business
  • Bill of quantities for the project
  • Police clearance report


  • K5,000,000 to K30,000,000

Repayment Period

  • 6 months - 36 months
    Minimum Grace period of 1 month may be granted


    •  Processing fee: 3.5%
    • Insurance:1% (	Property insurance premium grossed up) 
    • Interest: 3.0% pm 

Turn around time

  • 21 working days