Co-operative Loans

Cooperatives in Agriculture, Wholesale or Retail Trade, Mining, Financial Services and any emerging sectors. Thus production, marketing and value addition.

Application Requirements

  • National IDs for all paid up members (subscribers)
  • Rules of Engagement or Constitution
  • Sketch of map to residences of the executive committee of the cooperative.
  • Sketch map to collective enterprise
  • Colour group photo
  • Association Registration Certificate where applicable
  • Letter of Identification from any primary cooperative to which applicant is affiliated
  • Cooperative Certificate from Government
  • Title documents to assets


  • •1st Time borrowers K30,000,001 to K50,000,000
    •2nd Time borrowers K50,000,001 to K100,000,000
    •3rd Time borrowers K100,000,001 to K250,000,000


    •  Processing fee: 5.0%
    • Insurance:1%
    • Interest: 4.0% pm 


  • 3 to 36 months 
    Minimum Grace period of 1 month may be granted