Mr. Jephta Mtema



Mrs. Barbra Banda


Barbra Banda is a development and gender expert who has over 30 years of experience working with cooperates, government and civil society organization. she is also a renowned defender of women and children’s rights with skills in gender mainstreaming and policy advocacy. currently contributing her expertise to Neef in women economic empowerment. she possesses a masters in development management and has worked in several national and internation departments in the SADC region. she has experience in  development and implementation of women economic empowerment projects and developing a gender sensitive programming.

Ms. Atuweni Kadam’manja


Atuweni Kadammanja is a committed professional and prudent expert in Audit and Financial Management with almost three years of experience working with prince water house coopers audit firm carrying out audit tasks for a wide variety of clients. she is also an expert in risk assessment, internal control review, data analytics and sustantive tests. she has worked with a number of companies locally to build her expertise. she has also previoulsy worked as a finance officer at christian Health Association of Malawi. she is a holder of Bachelor of science in Management Information Systems from the University of Malawi and currently on her final level studying towards an institute of chartered Accountant in Malawi (ICAM) qualification.

Mr. Noel Galazinyake Tomoka


Noel Galazinyake Tomoka is a certified chartered and an accomplished internal auditor and has 8 years external auditing experience who holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Accountancy from the University of Malawi, the polytechnic. Noel Galazinyake Tomoka is a member of fellow, Association of chartered certified Accountants (FCCA). He is also a registered member with institute of chartered accountants in Malawi (ACCA) and Chartered Account Malawi (CAM). Noel Galazinyake Tomoka works as an internal audit manager at National Bank of Malawi. He has also served as a board member in several governmental and non-governmental organization in Malawi and currently with his experience he is contributing immensely to the board of NEEF. 

Mrs. Elita J. Zimba


Elita Zimba is an expert in project planning, Management and Execution. Resource coordination, Grant Management, cross functional collaboration. Elita Zimba has worked with the Ministry of Education, the office of the ombudsman, Generational Leadership Initiative (GLI) and the Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET). Elita Zimba holds a Bachelor of social Science (Development Studies) from pentecostal Life University. she is currently pursuing Masters degree in Business Management (MBA) from Malawi Institute of Management and Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management from Unicaf Zambia.

Mr. Aram Beza

Mr. Douglas Chavula

Mr. Jacob Mderu



With over 20 years of experience in agricultural industry, consulting, retail banking and financial service jacob patrick Ackim Mderu is a holder of Msc degree and a post Graduate certificate in Business Administration from Managemen College of Southern Africa. He is one of the pioneers that developed the first operation and procedure manual for Malawi Development Fund (MARDEF) now National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF). Jacob Patrick Ackimu Mderu has also trained and coached farmers involved in various value chains using adult learning methodologies.

Mr. Jimion Nyanda.



Simion Jimion Nyanda is a legal practioner and a partner with lion Rock Attorneys at Law since July 2018 to date. He is also a partner with John Tennyson and Associates. He has  worked with; opportunity Bank of Malawi Ltd from June 2016 to April 2017 as the Legal and Litigation Manager. NBS Bank Ltd as Legal Services manager from January 2015 to June 2016. Ha has also been a part time Lecturer with the University of Malawi and Malawi Institute of Journalism. Simion Jimion Nyanda holds a Masters’s Degree of Law (Human Rights) LLM with a Distinction and a Bachelor of Laws (Honors) from chaccllor College, University of Malawi.

Mr. Tapulumuka Thombozi


Tapulumuka John Thombozi is an expert in technical Accounting, Financial planning, and bookkeeping practice prinicples. Tapulumuka John Thombozi has worked with Women’s Legal Resources Center (WOLREC), NICO Life Insurance Company, Development Aid from people to people (DAPP) Partnership section, Microloan Foundation and Britam Insurance Company Ltd. Tapulumuka John Thombozi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in accountancy from the University of Malawi, the polytechnic. He also holds an Association of chartered certified accountants (ACCA) paper and a public Accountants Examination council (PAEC) Diploma in Accounting from the Malawi College of Accountancy.

Thabbie Chilongo


Board Committees

  1. To be Appointed – Chaiperson
  2. To be Appointed
  3. To be Appointed
  4. ST- Finance
  5. PS- Industry
  6. PS – Min of Youth & Sports
  7. Comptroller of Statutory Corporations
  1. Dr. Thabbie Maxwell Saujira Chilongo- Chairperson
  2. Mr. Aram Beza
  3. Mrs. Elita Jackson Zimba 
  4. Mr. Jacob Mderu
  5. Ex-Officio – Secretary to the Treasury
  6. Ex-Officio – Secretary for Youth and Sports
  7. Ex-Officio – Secretary for Trade and Industry
  8. Ex-Officio – Secretary for Agriculture
  9. Ex-Officio – Comptroller of Statutory Corporations
  1. Mr. Jimion Nyanda – Chairperson
  2. Ms. Barbra Banda
  3. Mrs. Elita Jackson Zimba
  4. Mr. Douglas Francis Chavula
  5. Ex-Officio – Comptroller of Statutory Corporations
  6. Ex-Officio – Secretary to the Treasury
  7. Ex-Officio – Secretary for Youth and Sports
  8. Ex-Officio – Secretary for Agriculture
  1. Mr. Tapulumuka Thombozi – Chairperson
  2. Mr. Noel Tomoka
  3. Mr. Jacob Akim Mderu
  4. Ms. Atuweni Kadam’manja
  5. Ex-Officio – The Secretary to the Treasury
  6. Ex-Officio – The Secretary for Agriculture
  7. Ex-Offico – The Comptroller of Statutory Corporations
  8. Ex-Officio – The Secretary of Industry