A 2-day orientation on revised credit policy, loan products & operational procedures is underway at Chikho Hotel in Mponela. Present at the meeting is NEEF CEO Mr. Humphrey Mdyetseni, Head of Operations Mr. Kalolokesya, Head of Credit Mr. Tembo, Risk and Compliance Manager Mr. Mwavuli, Credit Manager Mr. Mweta, Recoveries Manager Mr. Namwera, Regional Managers from Northern, Southern, Eastern, Central West, and East, Area supervisors from all districts, and other members of staff from different departments.

Speaking during the meeting, NEEF CEO challenged management to improve its performance and collect all the loans disbursed. He stressed that NEEF is into business and officers must make sure that all the loans that the fund disbursed to Malawians should be collected. In addition, the CEO shared the Stakeholders’ letter of expectation where some of the mandates for 2023 – 2024 is to reach a cumulative disbursement of 90 Billion Kwacha and reach more-than 140,000 jobs created by NEEF.

Mr. Mdyetseni has asked the members of staff to take the orientation seriously for it is providing key operational procedures including the recovery efforts that the fund has put in place. The orientation is aimed at preparing officers for the 2023 – 2024 financial year as NEEF seeks to improve its performance.

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