A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. – Colin PowellThis became true last Thursday, July 28 in Chitipa when NEEF Management engaged Chitipa NEEF staff where it was revealed that Mr. Phillip Damalekani had outstandingly performed well in both loan disbursement and collection rate.

According to NEEF’s data that was presented by the Regional Manager for the North Mr. Wilson Sabola, Mr. Damalekani who is a Loan Officer for Chitipa Central had disbursed a total amount of K213m out of the targeted amount of K100 million in Chitipa Central Constituency since April 2021.

Chitipa South’s performance was the worst in terms of both loan disbursement and collection and the area’s disbursement between April and July was only got K6.2 million out of the target of K100 million.

Damalekani: whose performance has impressed NEEF Management

On loan collection, Chitipa Central Constituency emerged as the best performing area in the district with a collection rate of 90% followed by Chitipa North at 88% and Chitipa Wenya, Chitipa East, and Chitipa South at 85%, 71%, and 58% respectively.

Damalekani’s satisfactory performance caught the attention of the CEO who commended him for his diligent work and promised him that Management will ensure he is given space to rise in his career.

Even the filing of documents into the client’s files was exceptional. It was imminent from the onset of things that, if it were not for procedures, Mr. Phillip Damalekani could’ve received an instant promotion on the spot just like in the military.

Loan disbursement for Chitipa East was halted due to improperly constituted groups that did not follow proper recruitment channels. However, both Chitipa East and Chitipa Wenya constituencies concentrated much of their effort to loan collection which saw their collection rates reaching 71% and 85% respectively.

Mdyetseni: commending Damalekani and all NEEF's employees for Chitipa

The CEO then encouraged other Loan Officers to emulate the hardworking spirit showcased by Mr. Damalekani and that they should promote oneness and teamwork.

He also tipped them to prepare for the performance assessment to be done in December.

Let’s all remember the wise words from Mr. Tim Notke who once said, “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard”.

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