The National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited (NEEF) has challenged its clients in Mwanza district to intensify repayments of the loans so that the funds can continue revolving in the district.

NEEF Chief Executive Officer Humphrey Mdyetseni told a stakeholders engagement meeting that the Fund had with Mwanza District Council on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 that the district has registered 74.9%.

Mdyetseni said “Mwanza is comprised of two constituencies; Mwanza West and Mwanza Central. Mwanza west has registered 83.9% collection rate while Mwanza Central has registered 69.4%.

“These statistics show that Mwanza is not entirely performing badly. However, the district has potential and it can do better and improve the collections to our target of 85%,” said Mdyetseni.

Mdyetseni: Mwanza has the potential to push up repayments t 85%

He also pleaded with the leaders to work with their designated loan officers, protect them and report any misconduct from any NEEF staff.

“As leaders, you need to have a stern stand against corruption and any conmen that may be coming to your areas to defraud people using the loans. This is why we are working with development structures through ADCs, VDCs, and DDCs,” said Mdyetseni.

Speaking on behalf of all chiefs from Mwanza, Senior Chief Govati expressed was gratitude to NEEF for organizing such meetings and pledged to work hand in hand with the organization.

Among the members present at the meeting were the members of parliament for both Mwanza West Joyce Chitsulo and Nicolaus Dausi from Mwanza Central.

Mwanza Central MP, Nicholas Dausi attended the meeting alongside Mwanza West MP, Joyce Chitsulo

Senior chief Nthache was also in attendance together with some councilors, ADCs, and VDCs from the district.

 NEEF has disbursed approximately MWK37 Billion to more than 105, 000 in all the districts in the country since its inception, and every constituency has been allocated a loan officer to help in facilitating the loans to everyone.

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